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Dear Board of County Commissioners,

I am writing you to approve Rincon Materials Special Use Permit for a gravel mine that is carefully concealed on private property near 1-70 in Dotsero, Colorado. As a resident of Colorado, We all are passionately concerned about the health and beauty of the Colorado River…as devoted as those who have written to you repeatedly to voice their concerns about the project. Many of the form letters submitted have no basis in fact. And that is alarming.

Approving a gravel pit on our private property, creates an essential component of community growth and a component which we take seriously in doing well as community and riverfront-property stewards.

Eagle County Staff planning, engineering, environmental health and open space have all recommended approval for the Rincon development project on private land.

Eagle County has invested $16 million in recreational upgrades to the Colorado recreation access including boat ramps, parking lots and facilities all of which require the use of gravel. Gravel is a fundamental element of building.

We all agree the gold-medal waters of the Colorado River must be protected and have taken every conceivable measure to ensure that it is. For others to suggest otherwise is categorically wrong, misleading, and irresponsible. The Colorado River, under our project’s watch, will be protected.

Please note:
The 38-acre conservation area maintained by Rincon Materials, on a 1.4 mile stretch of the river, is currently, and will forever remain part of Eagle County Open Space. It is endorsed by and part-of the Eagle Valley Land Trust’s mission to protect the scenic view corridor, wildlife, and water.

There are no facts behind the claims that Rincon threatens recreational investments or diminishes the scenery, air quality, wildlife or overall experience of boaters and recreationists. With all these facts I support Rincon Materials proposal and ask that you approve this Special Use permit.


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