How will chemicals be prevented from going into the Colorado River?

There are no chemicals used in the gravel pit operation. If there is a stone-washing operation, only fresh water is used and the operation itself is self-contained – per state regulation, there is no run-off/no effects to the Colorado River.

If not for your project, where else would new development in Eagle County get their gravel?
United is operating a pit off the Colorado
River Road but our operation will help ensure keeping fewer trucks off the Colorado River Road and a newer, much-needed supply of gravel come
on line within a 10-12-year period.
What is your experience with gravel pit operations and who are your partners?
Mike Young is a 35-year veteran of construction and excavation. Dan Plote, Craig Young and Robert Schriber are my Rincon Materials partners and
combined, we bring both construction and gravel pit operation expertise to this project in Eagle County.
What if any portion of the gravel pit operation will we be able to see?
You will not be able to see active gravel mining. The facilities yard will be visible to some degree but berming will shield most.
Will it be lit up at night?
This will be a Dark Sky operation.
What reports did you have to do?
Our application includes substantive reports – traffic, noise, an Environmental Impact Report, and an additional report outlining the environmental benefits from our most current plan that replaces internal truck hauling with a conveyor system, and additional soil berming.
Will you be stone washing? If so, where will water come from?
We don’t know yet whether we will be stone washing. If so, the water will be bought from the Wolford Reservoir.
How many truck trips a day?
In peak season (mid May to early November), we anticipate only 50 trucks a day.
Describe the local demand for gravel?
Back in 2014-15, the demand was about 500,000 tons a year. With a current building boom, we anticipate that number is somewhere between 500,000 – 600,000 tons a year.
What does the reclamation look like during and after you are fully completed with the operation?
Reclamation is an ongoing effort through the lifespan of the operation (10-12 years) using a pasture land parcel mix.


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