Rincon Partners are committed to supplying rock to the local construction market with a zero impact on the Colorado River confluence. Great care and attention has been paid to develop a mining and reclamation plan that minimises impacts, avoids disruption, and facilitates long term land stewardship


Wildlife Colorado
Rincon Materials was developed with wildlife co-habitation in mind. Conveyor belts eliminate rock trucks within the mine, greatly reducing the chances of wildlife collisions. Mining season is limited to outside of local lambing season (spring to early summer) to support bighorn sheep herds in the area. Drainages are avoided to allow wildlife ease of access to the Colorado River.
Colo. Parks & Wildife commends Rincon Materials for being a conservation-minded and willing to partner with our agency.
Matt Tamashita, Area Wildlife Manager

Colo. Parks and Wildlife, July 16, 2020 letter


The mining operations plan developed for Rincon Materials specifically keeps operations out of drainage paths and riparian areas. In fact, Rincon Materials stays hundreds of feet from the river, not just horizontally, but vertically! River users, both human and animal will benefit from the conservation easement between the mining operation and the river, which is maintained by Rincon owners.

*Eagle Valley Land & Trust
Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

Seasonal Operations

Operations at Rincon will be limited to both avoid wildlife (no mining in late spring and early summer) and to protect river users (only mining below the top of the visual berm from Memorial Day to Labour Day). Rincon’s goal is to produce rock for the local market without disrupting the day to day life and pleasure of its neighbours on the Colorado River.

The Rincon Materials extraction site is located more than 1/8th of a mile from the river basin.


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