Access to the Rincon Materials operations will be via a new paved road from US-6. The access has been permitted with the Colorado Department of Transportation following a traffic study. Eagle County covers road impacts to the broader county road system using a road impact fee system into which Rincon will contribute upon approval.

Production of rock from the Rincon Materials operation will use conveyors within the site, not rock trucks. Because of that, trucks picking up material will only need to enter the lower yard of Rincon, loading up with rock before leaving the site. All traffic will be to the east of the existing railroad, hundreds of feet away from the Colorado River and its users.

Traffic for the Rincon Materials operation will travel via US-6 to I-70. Colorado River Road, Two Rivers, and the Colorado River users will not experience regular haul truck traffic. The customers for this operation will be the construction companies of Eagle County, which are almost all to the east via I-70. In fact, the presence of a competitive rock source at the west end of Eagle County will reduce the dependence of east Eagle on rock that currently comes through Glenwood Canyon.
Rincon Traffic Route


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